Practical Time Management


Time Management Concepts
Benefits of Better Time Utilization
Who Controls Your Schedule?

Your Job--What You Are Responsible for Accomplishing
Your Job Responsibilities
Setting Objectives
Setting Priorities

How You Use Your Time
Gathering Data--The Time Log
Analyzing the Data

Delegation--Working Through Others
Why Some People Don't Delegate
Levels of Delegation
How to Delegate
Benefits of Delegation
Getting Started

Planning--Key to Achievement
Long-Term Planning
Short-Term Planning
What to Do When Things Don't Go as Planned

Coping with Common Time Wasters
Coping with Self-Generated Time Wasters
Coping with Environmental Time Wasters

Personal Needs That Get in the Way of Effective Time Utilization
Needs Profile Analysis
Self-Assessment Questionnaire
Applying Needs Assessment Results

Planning for Improvement
Six Tips for Effective Time Management
Planning for Improved Time Utilization

Follow Up--Staying on Track
Time Savings Progress Report
Time Savings Progress Chart
Time Management Progress

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